Registration \ Independent Study

An independent study must be a well-thought-out project between a student and a faculty member. Independent study work is intended to give a student opportunity to pursue an academic project under close faculty supervision. The standards for independent studies are designed to maintain a high level of quality in the work undertaken.

Student Qualifications

  1. A student must have at least a 3.00 overall GPA and have earned at least 60 credits (at least 6 of much have been earned at Dowling College) at the time of registration in order to pursue independent study work.
  2. Students may only do independent study work in a discipline in which they have already completed at least 6 earned credits of work (including transfer credits).

Application Procedure

  1. Students must register for independent study work during the regular registration period or "add-drop" period for the term during which the independent study is to be conducted.
  2. An appropriately completed and signed application form must be filed in order to register for independent study work. Forms are available in both the Vice President of Student Services and Alumni Relations' office and the Registrar's office.
  3. For additional details on independent study refer to the Dowling College catalog.