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Each student is assigned a specific faculty advisor who, throughout the periodof the studentís stay at Dowling, will be available to assist the student in identifying and achieving his or her individual goals and objectives. Though continuity of advisement is important, students may change their advisor whenever they wish.

The advisor, generally a professor in the studentís major area of interest, will assist the student in clarifying his/her personal goals and developing an academic strategy. The advisor will work with the student to plan a course of study consistent with those goals and will review that plan with the student at least twice eachyear. The faculty advisor can also direct students to tutoring and personal counseling assistance, and guide them to independent avenues of inquiry.

Students can look to all faculty members for support, but should consider their advisor their primary academic counsel.

To find your faculty advisor, login your student records account and go to "Student Records", click on "Student Information".

Click here for faculty office hour.